Youngest surrogate mom in Britain was dumbfounded when the doctors discovered THIS about her pregnancy!

A young woman named Shaniece Sturdy has captured the attention of the netizens after she was tagged as the youngest surrogate mom in Britain.

The 21-year-old mom was just a teenager when she gave birth to Rylee, her first born. It was also the same time when she watched a documentary about surrogacy. After that, she was surprised because slowly, she developed her desire to help couples have children by acting as their surrogate mom.

“I was onky 21 at the time, but I wasn’t interested in partying and drinkinh. I wanted to help another couple fulfill their dream and raise Rylee properly,” she stated

She then agreed to be the surrogate mother of Joana and Steve’s child. She had to fly to Los Angeles for Joana’s egg to be implanted on her.

Through the process, she noticed that her pregnancy as a surrogate mam was quite different with her experience from her first born. She stated that her baby bump was way bigger than her baby bump before.

It was then revealed in an ultrasound that her pregnancy is different because she’s carrying twins!


The couple was truly happy and that they couldn’t thank her enough.

Source: PHR, TNP

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