Woman Tries To Commit Suicide After Meeting His Online Boyfriend For The First Time

With the fast paced life and better communication methods nowadays, even true love can now be found on the internet. Gone are the days when you have to go out and meet new people, have your friends introduce new acquaintances or just randomly meet interesting people in the park or restaurant because meeting new people is already one swipe or click away!

However, a relationship that was developed virtually has also its disadvantage. Just like what a 23-year-old woman from China experienced after meeting his online boyfriend for the first time.

Unfortunately, the unidentified woman tried to kill herself by overdosing on sleeping pills, cutting her wrist, and jumping off the 7th floor due to disappointment upon seeing the guy she met online.

Shanghaiist report said that the woman had several suicide attempts in Mudanjian City because her boyfriend’s appearance in person doesn’t turn out the way she expected.

When the police tried to rescue her from jumping over the balcony, she was heard screaming at the man saying, “You cheated me!”


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