Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend is Cheating on Her – She Takes Her Revenge With a Hammer!

As the saying goes: ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. Basically that means you better watch out if a woman is angry at you. This is especially true if you get caught cheating on your girl with another. This car owner found out the hard way what would happen if you cross a woman – with a hammer.

Let’s just say she hammered her point across very thoroughly.

Netizen Nikki Alonso shared three viral photos of a severely busted up car! This white Mazda went through some serious abuse with huge holes in the windshield, a broken side mirror and a hole where the right car window should be.

According to the netizen, the woman who destroyed this car apparently found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. The woman then took a hammer and decided to do some remodeling on his car.

We seriously feel bad for the guy who owns this heap – but we’re more afraid of what his ex-girlfriend might do to us!

The viral post has since received 5K reactions, 3K+ shares and 2.3K comments as of writing.

Netizens shared their different reactions towards this post and a lot of them felt sorry – most of them for the car.

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