Wife Wins Lottery and Files for Divorce—but It Later Turns Out to Be the Biggest Reversal Ever!

Nobody expected what happened next!

What would you do if you won $15 million? This guy wanted to prank his wife by making her believe that she had won millions of dollars—but he didn’t expect his wife’s reaction!

Facebook user Tom Mabe bought Powerball tickets with the previous week’s numbers. He then saved a recorded video of the previous week’s winning draw. It was all for an elaborate prank on his wife, who will later think she had won a whopping 15 million dollars!

He played the video and called his wife out. His wife immediately rummaged through her bag, looking for her ticket. Tom stayed inside the bathroom, pretending to do something, because he couldn’t hold back his laughter. As soon as he came out, he saw his wife—with her mouth wide open. She couldn’t believe she had won.

Knowing that she had won 15 million USD, she immediately asks Tom for a divorce. She said that they were miserable for years, and nothing has been working for them. She then tells him that they could leave separately with different houses, and that Tom can have custody over their son and even their pet dog. Tom was dumbfounded! He never knew his wife would react that way! Watch the entire video below—and make sure to share it with friends:

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