UNBELIEVABLE: Fishes have shockingly fell from the sky in Agusan Del Sur!!

We all have dreamt of seeing cats and dogs falling from the sky right? We all have been dreaming of seeing different things from the skies. However, all of these have only existed in our imaginations.

But then, something shocking and unbelievable had happened in the province of Agusan Del Sur.

The people in Poblacion village in Loreto were in shock when fishes started fall from the sky back in 2012. Not a single!obe of them had an idea on what to do next.

PAGASA-BUTUAN then stated that this isn’t the first time that such thing happened. It also happened in Wales back in 2004 and in California in 2006. It has also happened in Agusan del Norte a few years ago.

He also stated that fishes tend to “fly” in the waterspout and can swim into the clouds. But when the wind can no longer support them, they’d end up falling from the sky.

Reports then stated that 72 fishes were able to survive such incident and were then brought to Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

Source: TNP, PHR

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