This Girl Caught Her Man Cheating On Her With His Ex-Lover!

They already have a child, but the man continues to cheat on her with his ex.

Cheating destroys the lives of many. Not only are the couple and the mistress hurt, but friends and family are often dragged in along the way—the worst sufferers are the children, who do not even understand the situation at hand.

Kimbery Mangalindan has been fooled by her boyfriend many times over, but she chose to stand by him as he claimed to love her. However, his actions said otherwise. It could’ve been easier for Kimbery to let go—if only they didn’t have a child together.

According to Kim, her boyfriend Jayson Lee has been in an 8-year-relationship with his ex, Rexielyn, before they started dating. It was a tough relationship to follow, but Kim proved to be a loyal and loving girlfriend to Jayson. But Jayson kept one thing from her: he was never over his ex.


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