Stubborn Pregnant Teen Discovers Shocking Truth about Her Unborn Baby from Her Ultrasound

Knowing she had diabetes, Samantha continues to eat whatever she wanted, and refused to take medication when needed. Because of this, Krystina feared that her daughter and her unborn child may end up dying because of Samantha’s negligence. It was until they saw the baby’s ultrasound and asked Dr. Phil for help that they both realized the effects that negligence had on the unborn baby.

“The endocrinologist has told Samantha that she has the highest risk of death within the next six months because the baby takes so much out of her,” Krystina says, turning to Dr. Phil for help. “She is 100 percent in denial. Samantha is not going to be able to take care of this child. If Samantha and this baby survive, then I’m going to be stuck raising this baby. I will not raise this child.”

Thankfully, Samantha’s daughter was born at 36 weeks and has surpassed the doctor’s expectations. She is 100% cognitive and is happy and beloved baby. According to Samantha and Krystina, motherhood has made Samantha grow up and take ownership of her diabetes and better her life. She quickly received her GED and is currently preparing to start college.



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