Stubborn Pregnant Teen Discovers Shocking Truth about Her Unborn Baby from Her Ultrasound

According to her mom, she doesn’t care and would just eat anything despite having diabetes.

Krystina, the mom of 19-year-old Samantha turned to Dr. Phil for help. She feared that her daughter and the latter’s unborn child could die because of her daughter’s negligent behavior. Apparently, Samantha was suffering from juvenile type 1 diabetes, and doesn’t follow her medical regimen.

“My 19-year-old pregnant daughter, Samantha, is on a path to destroy herself and her baby,” Krystina says of her daughter who has type 1 diabetes. “Because Samantha has not cared for herself, we are in fear that this baby is going to be born with severe disabilities.”

The heartbroken mother says Krystina has had sex with more men than she did—and she is 50 years old. According to Krystina, her daughter would chat with men online and meet them just to have one night stands. The father of her unborn child was a 33-year-old man she just met and had a one-night stand with.


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