SHOCKING! This woman was forced to walk streets after sleeping with someone else’s husband!

It has been said that women are subjected to harsher penalties and punishments when it comes to adultery and unfaithfulness in marriage.

This doesn’t come as a surprise-after all; the society has been more forgiving of the males, who are perceived the stronger, smarter, and more assertive ones.

However, this view has been proven false time and time again by females who have shown the world that it’s not only men who have the guts to run the world.

But this woman may be taking the adage too far-or people were just too angry about what she did.

The video was released by YouTube account ‘DAILY NEWS.’ According to them, a young woman was left parading the streets with only a bra and a handbag on. Her bare hand covered her private area below and she was accompanied by two people.

The description of the video said that she reportedly slept with someone else’s husband, which made her do the “shame walk” that famously resembled the same thing that ‘Game of Thrones’ incorporated into the punishment of one of its characters, Lena Headey.

The video was first uploaded in the whole of Chinese social media before it made its way to LiveLeak, a British video-sharing site.

Many people sympathized with the woman and a few of the comments that the description of the video was able to gather were:

“Chinese culture confuses me.”

“The psychological trauma must be huge. This is a very harsh thing.”

Although the identity of the commenters was not disclosed, it clearly showed that there were a number of people who found the punishment more than just harsh.

Here is the footage:

What do you think? Was the girl subjected to cruel treatment? Or did she really deserve to be humiliated like that?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Source: YouTube, PHR


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