This Russian Barbie Lookalike Claims She’s All-Natural Except for One Body Part—Unbelievable!

She looks like a Barbie, but she says it’s all natural!

At first glance, you’d think that blonde bombshell Yulia Kriger, from Novosibirsk, Russia is a real-life Barbie. Her big, blue eyes, flowing blonde hair, and her perfect curves, has earned her the nickname ‘real-life Barbie’.

Julia said, “The first time I got compared with Barbie was at school. I wasn’t surprised because it just means having a neat look and symmetrical facial features.”

After looking through a series of her photos on social media, many people believe this was all the work of plastic surgery—but she says she’s all natural.

However, the bombshell admits having gone for breast enhancement surgery so that she could be a D-cup.

While the Barbie lookalike says that she has nothing against cosmetic surgery, and admits to having a boob job, she says that she was born with her features and needs nothing more than a little makeup to enhance her looks. She said her boob job was just to make her look a little better.

“It means I can wear any dress that looks better without underwear and they look just great,” she said.

She added: “But I don’t understand why everyone talks about my eyes.

“I am so used to them, they look normal to me.”

But she does admit there was a time she used special contact lenses to make her eyes look bigger, around five years ago.

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