Remote school in Scotland – with only 2 pupils – is looking for new teacher; Salary is $63,400 a year!

This is if you are willing to stay in isolation, experience occasional power cuts and heavy storms that comes with the location of the job.

It is hard to land a job today, especially when there are a lot of competition out there. So when an opportunity comes, many people tend to grab it—no matter what consequences there may be. A tiny island school of Foula, about 20 miles west of Shetland in Scotland is offering $63,400 a year for any teacher willing to teach at their school.

Though the ad a bit tempting, many were not so sure about the school’s location. Aside from working and living in isolation, you will experience occasional power cuts and heavy storms. However, the offer also comes with a rented three-bedroom accommodation—meaning you can bring your family with you, if they are willing to live in isolation too.

As a matter of fact, the former teacher, Ms. Jayne Smith, told Radio Scotland her time on Foula was simply amazing but had to leave in October because she misses the mainland.

“Most of the time I have been there we have actually had just one pupil. He has been in the upper stages of primary, so we have been able to go and visit Fair Isle, we have had lots of trips to the Mainland, it has just been brilliant,” she said.

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