Remember Ella Guevara, one of the most famous child stars in the Philippines? This is what happened to her after she left the limelight!

Reality talent show StarStruck was known for honing some of today’s brightest and most famous stars of the GMA Network. Ella Guevara is not an exception. Back then, she appeared in the show’s kids edition, where she immediately gained recognition. She never won but that didn’t stop her from being in TV shows and movies.

Ella Guevara gained a total of five awards in her showbiz career. She won the “Best Child Performer” in the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival, the “Most Popular Child Actress” in the 2005 Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation Awards, the “Best Child Actress” of the 2006 FAMAS Awards, and the “Most Popular Child Actress” of the 2007 Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation Awards.


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