Philippine Army Scout Ranger The World’s Deadliest Elite Fighting Force

Did you know that the Philippines has an Army Scout Ranger considered as the world’s deadliest elite fighting force. They are called elite because their trainings are designed for quick reactions to strike hard and fast  behind the enemies lines. So that every operations that given to them will become successful and none of their partner will be put in any danger.

Before you can join to the Philippine Army Scout Ranger you must endure first the six month of training and they called that training as “HELL”. Because they trained to adopt in any kind of situation that they may face in real life battle in the future. That what makes them the world most deadliest elite fighting forces.

The course that they offered is not for weak and soft hearted person, you must be mentally and physically strong in order to pass in that course. The training has many parts and one of those training is to test their stamina, strength, endurance, techniques, loyalty and mental ability.

I was shocked while watching this documentary, because way back 2012 there is a news in Philippines television that their are hazing happening in the training camp of the Philippine Army. The trainees are forced to eat chili pepper, and that news is really happening in this documentary.

Scout Ranger Program

The Scout Ranger Program was born upon November 25, 1950 under the command of former AFP Vice Chief of Team and also Protection Secretary Rafael M. Ileto. Named after both the Alamo Scouts and the United States Military Rangers, the device was developed because of an expanding need to respond to the Hukbalahap Guerrillas and its disobedience with a force learnt small system activities. Precursor Rangers participated in the December 1989 coup attempt versus the Corazon Aquino – Aquino Management. Led by Captain Danilo Lim, Major Abraham Purugganan and also Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Galvez, some 2500 rangers took over Makati in the most harmful successful stroke effort versus the Aquino Management, which left hundreds of civilians as well as soldiers dead, and also hundreds more hurt.

Scout Rangers played a significant role in capturing the MILF rebel camp during the full blast war against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
With the rise of guerrilla and terrorist tasks in the Philippines, the Scout Rangers have joined the Light Reaction Squadron to take on more responsibility in interior security responsibilities.

Their head office, where the scout ranger school is also located is in Camp Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan. The land was donated by 1902 – 1906 Governor of Bulacan Province – Pablo Tecson (Pablo Ocampo Tecson) of San Miguel, Bulacan.

I think there is a hazing in this documentary because some part of the actual training are censored. You should watch this documentary and you will see their sacrifices just to pass the program. They are fully equipped to fight for our country, to rescue the hostages and to help the Filipino citizens. Watch the documentary below and be amaze by their determination!

After watching the documentary, I hope that you will show some respect to the Philippine Army, Police and other Government officials that are helping us. We accept the fact that there are many corrupt in Philippines Army and Police. But there are also who has a genuine heart that wants to serve in our beloved country Philippines.

Can you please share this video so that every Filipino will know what kind of training they faced just to successfully rescue the hostages and to fight against the terrorist. They helped our country to become more peaceful so that we can enjoy our freedom. Again please share!

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