The more people love Duterte, the more Yellows insult him

Contrary to the barrage of insults and criticisms against President Rodrigo Duterte, the 2017 second quarter survey results of Social Weather Stations showed that Duterte’s satisfaction ratings increased by three points.

While this may be good news to Duterte and the people, the opposition is keen on continuing their downpour of insults so as to stain the President’s reputation and make people less satisfied with him.

However, the consistent surveys goes to show that Duterte’s style and strategies are working to his favor because the country deems them as appropriate or favorable means to address current national problems.

A “strong minority”, as netizen Chito Fuentes said, like the Yellows may have fooled the country during EDSa Revolution, but not today and not anymore. Even when the opposition called in academes and media to intervene, people still loved Duterte.


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