Parents Abandon Severely ill Baby—But Her Grandparents Does Everything to Save Her!

Six operations later, her life is still in danger.

Little Sun Menghan from china was suffering from a condition that had left her almost ‘living’ in a hospital for treatment. She had a condition which meant she could die without a liver transplant. Menghan was suffering from congenital biliary atresia, which occurs when the liver’s ducts become backed up with bile, destroying cells and the liver itself.

Menghan underwent several operations but none were successful in saving her. The hospital bills were piling up, and her parents could no longer afford them. They soon gave up on Menghan, saying they’d rather try for another child, than spend all their money in trying to save her.

They left her in the hospital—where Menghan’s grandparents took responsibility in taking care of the child and paying for everything.


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