Meet the Hottest 17-year-old model Online! You’ve got to see this!

A new beautiful model from Bangkok Thailand named Jessie Vard has been the talk of the town after a video of a photoshoot done by Thai photographers went out on social media.

The Irish girl who hails from thailand was just 17 years old and she possessed quite a dazzling beauty!

Jessie Vard is known as a social media sensation after her post went viral and has the tag called “Justice for Jessie” because of her pleading for justice for her family who have allegedly suffered from years of police corruption, death threats, property fraud and kidnapping.

Now, she went viral again as her photos on social media has been circulating all over. Many netizens were so amazed and crazy about her and shared her photos and slideshow videos on social media.

Her beauty caught the attention and the liking of many netizens and many have said that her beautiful true nature came out from the competition when angels’ beauty endowed with her beautiful body physique.

Now her photos and videos are now going viral all over up to the point the many social media channels, pages and websites reblogged the posts.


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