Man Puts Baby to ‘Sleep’ By Letting Him Drink Brandy—Straight From the Bottle!

To put the child to sleep, the man fed the baby alcohol, specifically a strong brandy that even some adults couldn’t handle. The man let the child drink straight from the bottle, with some of the alcohol overflowing from the child’s mouth and pouring onto his body.

Low blood sugar is a dangerous effect in children who drink alcohol. (This doesn’t usually happen to healthy adults who drink alcohol.) Low blood sugar can cause seizures and coma, because the brain doesn’t get enough glucose.


It was unclear if the man was the child’s father, but netizens slammed him nonetheless.

How old do you have to be to buy alcohol in the Philippines?

The legal age for buying and consuming alcohol should be at 18 years old, but sellers don’t usually follow the law. Even children can buy alcohol. High-end store owners might ask you for an ID, but some grocery stores and local corner stores don’t really care and sell alcohol to anybody including children.


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