Man Converts His Farm and Builds 1,200,000-liter Pool as a Vacation Spot for His Family

The pool was 14 feet deep in some parts, but some parts were shallow enough for children to enjoy.

Jerry and Marina Leussink owned a large family farm in Alberta, Canada. But their family—which was composed mostly of children—didn’t quite enjoy spending time there. So to make the farm a perfect family vacation spot, they decided to convert the farm into a massive pool where children (and adults) can enjoy their time.

With the help of more than a dozen people and a lot of hard work and planning, Jerry was able to successfully install a massive, 1.2 million liter pool. The pool also boasts a 30-millimeter poly liner to keep the children safe as they swim and play. Some parts of the pool could go as deep as 14 feet, while some parts were shallow enough for children to enjoy a little bit of frolic and fun.

However, algae started to invade their pool, prompting Jerry to find ways to clean and maintain their pool. Today, Jerry and Marina use chlorine to clean their pool, and regularly rotate the pool water with a large pumping system.

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