She Made a Video for Her BF Who Took His Own Life—but The Dark Story Behind it shocked everyone!

The young man’s family blocked her from attending his funeral.

In the first part of the video, you’d feel envious of Dhalia and Enrique’s love story. Through their pictures and videos together, you’d think they are perfect for each other. They seem to adore each other with their wacky antics and memories full of smiles and laughter. But their love story took a shocking turn—after Enrique took his own life for a still unknown reason.

Based on Dhalia’s video, Enrique came home to their apartment after a night of drinking, and headed towards the apartment’s window. He then sat on the aircon and started taking selfies. Dhalia claims that she tried to call him back into the room, and told him that it was dangerous. According to her, he refused to come back in, and told her to stay away and leave him alone instead. That was when he jumped into his death.

But as soon as the video was posted to social media, members of Enrique’s family and friends claimed that Dhalia was actually the reason behind his suicide. According to some commenters who knew the couple personally, Dhalia taught her boyfriend to use drugs, which ultimately destroyed his life. He was thrown into depression, and began acting differently towards people.

According to one comment on Facebook, Dhalia was not allowed to attend his funeral, as his family didn’t want her there. His family and friends claim that he took his own life because of Dhalia and the vices she taught him.

As of this article’s writing, Dhalia’s Facebook post has been taken down for unclear reasons.

Watch the YouTube video below:


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