Did You Know Airplanes Are Hiding Secret Rooms?

Airplanes are a result of modern engineering and they come equipped with all sorts of high-tech computers, enough seats to accommodate a small army and the luxurious business class. They have enough food to fill everybody’s huger. Though we always keep complaining about how cramped up the seats really are and how annoying the passengers were, you have to admit that they’re actually pretty cool. But, we wouldn’t want to spend more than a few hours on a plane, right? Working as a flight attendant seems like one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Imagine spending your entire week flying all around the world. One morning you’re in United States and the next day you’re in China, and the day after who knows where? This lifestyle has got to be exhausting after a while, so where do flight attendants really go to relax? Since airplanes are pretty small, and there’s hardly enough place to store a piece of carry-on luggage, where would flight attendants go on a break?

Apparently, many commercial aircrafts come equipped with hidden rooms that are reserved exclusively for flight attendants and pilots. They might not have a lot of space, but any day better than a seat in coach.

Check out the images below for a sneak peek at the parts of the plane passengers are never allowed to go to.

When they aren’t conducting the safety demonstration or handing out peanuts, have you ever wondered where the flight attendants go for a break?

You may have seen a sign like this one on your last flight. But where could they even fit an entire rest area for the crew?

It might sound crazy, but it is right above our heads!

For example, the rest area on a Boeing 777 looks like this! It is small, but it is definitely cozy for a break on a crowded flight, right?


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