This Jeepney Driver’s Daughter Shared Just How Much She Looks up to Her Hardworking Father: “Uuwi akong maaga para lang tulungan kang mamasada!”

Mary expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her father and stated how she and all of her siblings were very blessed to have him. She also narrated that she missed the times when she would leave school after dismissal to help him pick up passengers in his jeepney. She helped her father out by serving as his “barker” – the person who hollers at passengers and tells them where the jeepney is headed.

From the picture above, it is apparent that her father the jeepney driver plies the route headed towards Sta. Cruz, Manila, via the Jones Bridge. We can also see that Mary was wearing her P.E. uniform, confirming the fact that she immediately goes to help her father right after school.

That’s Mary with her father beside her. It is evident how proud she is of him. Just look at that smile on her face!

Whoops, and what a goofy smile at that! We’re sure her father would have a hearty laugh once he sees it. Hopefully, Mary serves as an inspiration to everyone to be proud of their parents, no matter what their profession.

What do you think about this, dear readers? Do you also know of a story as inspiring and heartwarming as this one? Share your stories in the comments section below!


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