This Jeepney Driver’s Daughter Shared Just How Much She Looks up to Her Hardworking Father: “Uuwi akong maaga para lang tulungan kang mamasada!”

Being a jeepney driver is no joke. It’s one of the hardest and most under-appreciated jobs out there. People usually find jeepney drivers rude because of the way they drive but little do they know that they’re under a lot of stress.

Why? Imagine having to drive all day in the scorching heat with no air conditioner, and a rickety makeshift vehicle as your primary source of income. It’s hard, especially when you’re exposed to pollution and the countless dangers on the road. What’s worse is that jeepney drivers usually make next to nothing in terms of money.

Facebook fan page “Filipino Vines” shared a post about a jeepney driver with accompanying pictures. They credited the pictures to netizen Mary Angeli Camzon.

The post read:

From the post, it was evident that Mary deeply admired and loved her father. She pays no mind to the social stigma attached to her dad’s humble livelihood. Mary wrote the caption as a way to show everyone how much she appreciated the hard work and dedication exhibited by her jeepney driver father.


This pretty woman caught the attention of many after she proudly shared her photos with her husband online!

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