The Internet Couldn’t Believe That This Stunning Woman Fell In Love With this Ordinary Guy—Look!

Now that’s true love right there.

Today’s society’s perception of beauty revolves around fair skin and a skinny body. With this at hand, more and more people are trying hard to get fairer skin through expensive beauty products and plastic surgeries.But who are we trying to please anyway? People today should learn that no matter how you look, there is always that one person who will love you for who you are. Just like this man.

User Lucy LuvElla posted several photos on Facebook showing her adorable ‘small family’. Her pictures immediately went viral, with thousands of netizens sharing the said photos on different social media sites.

It was obvious that Lucy is what society considers as beautiful today.

She has incredibly fair and smooth skin; beautiful, big eyes; and a face so youthful you’d think she is just a teenager.

But what caught the attention of netizens was her husband, who wasn’t as ‘attractive’ as others would expect.

His skin color was darker than that of Lucy, and his body isn’t as fit as some men.

But look at them today! They just proved that love has no boundaries.

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