Infuriated Man Claims His GF Was Drugged and Forced to Have S*x with another Man on Live TV

The said show had another shocking scandal in the past.

A Serbian-based reality TV show is now under fire after a man claimed that his girlfriend was drugged and forced to make love to another man on live TV.

Mirela Lapanovic and television roommate Milutin Radosavljevic Milija were seen under the covers together in a steamy episode of Couples, filmed in Serbia’s capital Belgrade. According to Mirela’s boyfriend, Andrej Laharnar, his girlfriend was drugged and forced to have s*x with Milija to boost the show’s ratings.

He said: ‘If only they showed her the footage, she would be shocked.’

The explicit incident was captured on in-house cameras, after it was aired live. Pictures from the x-rated episode show two people on a bed and under a duvet cover.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first scandal that put the show on the hot seat. Last year, the show made headlines when shocking footage showed a husband apparently beating up his wife.

There has been no comment from the production team behind Couples.

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