Humans After 1000 Years: Conversion Of Memories Into Computer Data

Looking back into the past, human civilization in the present is definitely very far 1000 years ago, what will be humans be like in 1000 year? Every year seems to have new innovations and inventions that are being developed. 100 years ago, people used telephones to communicate, hundred years later people now are using cellphones and smartphones.

Technology has brought us to the next level of elevating our lifestyle. Decades ago people started using cell phones and made their hand thumbs bigger as their toe thumb (that’s just a figure of speech), but know smartphones are operated with human voice and can do a lot of things like browsing internet, Facebook, and playing online games which you can’t on the previous gadgets 20 years ago. Well, there be any possibilities that human memories can be implanted and will be converted into computer data after 1000 years? Watch the video below to be amazed with the possibilities what technology could bring to us.


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