Hot girl gets awkward experience as Mechanical Bull Ride turns wild and woolly

Riding a mechanical bull can be fun and exciting especially for a woman. But you need to be careful because you may experience a wardrobe malfunction while enjoying the ride.

This is what happened to this girl as her underwear got exposed while having a mechanical bull ride. She tried everything to hide herself in embarrassment but without success.

The wardrobe malfunction started even before the bull ride started. As the bull picked up speed, her struggle to hide herself continued making the experience awkward and embarrassing rather than fun and enjoyable. Her embarrassment only ended when she was thrown off the mechanical bull.

The video has since gone viral gaining more than 87,000 views and over 19,000 shares.

How about you? How would you feel if your wardrobe started malfunctioning while riding a mechanical bull? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Source: PHR, Junky

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