‘Haunted Doll’ Accused of attacking its Owners Moves the Rocking Chair it was On While on Live TV!

While doing the interview on live tv, the doll does something that made my hair stand on end!

50-year-old Debbie Merrick hated dolls. But she was strangely attracted to one doll from a charity second-hand shop and decided to purchase it for £5. The doll, which was part of a set-of-three, had a necklace tied around her neck. She took the doll home—and things started to go creepy from there.

Debbie, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, said: “I don’t know why I decided to buy the dolls. It was a bit strange, but at the time I didn’t think much about it. Even that’s unusual.

“They were really cheap, they were only £5 I think, and I thought they would probably be worth quite a bit of money.

“It’s really just the one doll with the white dress I don’t like. I didn’t particularly even like touching that one when I bought it. The other two I don’t mind as much.”


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