Hackers Using Facebook Quizzes to Harvest Personal Data

This is a warning to Facebook users who enjoy doing quizzes on the said site.

Being avid users of Facebook, many of us enjoy doing quizzes and sharing them on the said social media site for fun. Though some of these quizzes are made for fun, there is a darker side to it all.

Users are aware that by merely joining the said social media, you are already entrusting your personal information to Facebook. Other users can see your public information, as well as your public photos and videos.

Quizzes, personality tests, friend comparisons, and year in review apps, however, are blackholes for personal data, and the huge range of apps are now being a major cause for concern. According to Sri Sridharan, the managing director at the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, some Facebook quizzes are actually being used to trick people into providing personal information and make money.


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