Good News: Filipinos Can Now Visit South Korea Visa-free Under Special Conditions

Let’s travel!

There is no denying that a lot of Filipinos are slowly falling in love with Korean culture. Many teens are into Kpop, while a variety of Filipino viewers love watching Korean movies and dramas. South Korea offers many beautiful places to explore, with unique dishes that will definitely tickle your heart and your tummy. Who doesn’t want to go to Korea?

Unfortunately, in the past years, acquiring a visa has become burdensome for many Filipinos, making it almost impossible to travel. However, this recent news will make you want to pack your bags and go to South Korea right now!

Philippine Ambassador to Korea Raul Hernandez said that the Philippines is included in the plan of the Korean government to issue electronic visas and allow visa-free stay in mainland Korea for five days to Southeast Asian nationals who are visiting Jeju Island via Incheon or Gimhae airports in order to boost its tourism industry.

“In opposition of last year’s joint decision by the Korea-US alliance to station the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system here, China has been curbing Chinese tours to Korea. This includes the reported order by Beijing to ban its tourism agencies from selling Korea-related programs,” wrote the Jakarta Post.

Almost half of Korea’s visitors last year, 8 million out of 17 million, were Chinese. An influx of Southeast Asian tourists was also seen last year but this only reached 200,000.

Yes, you can now travel to South Korea visa-free! Aside from this, the Korean government is also issuing electronic visa to Southeast Asian tourists.

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