Girl Rejected Her Boyfriend’s Marriage Proposal. Her Reason Will Definitely Blow Your Mind!

Every girl dreams of finding a man that would swept away their feet; someone who is not just good looking but a man with a good heart, sense of responsibility, and of course someone who earns enough to support himself or his future family.

But above all of these traits, girls want someone who will give them unconditional love and will respect them every day of their lives. But sometimes, due to the high standard set by the society, some girls are blinded with their own dream fairytale.

Sometimes, the man of their dream is right in from of them but would still reject him just because he didn’t meet her unreasonable standards. Same goes with this story which is recently going rounds online and gaining mixed reactions from netizens.

Facebook user Antonio Romeo Uy shared series of screen shot of tweets of one Twitter user under the handler @triciajxvr. The series of tweets tells the story of the girl and her now ex-boyfriend. She entitled her post as “How to treat a girl right.”

In the story, Tricia narrated how he met Gabe, how they were as a couple, and how their relationship ended dramatically leaving Tricia very disappointed.

Read Tricia’s story below and be the judge:



Netizens quickly flak comments expressing disappointment on the said girl:

What can you say about Tricia’s story? Is this also your standard of how to treat a girl right? Share us your thoughts on the comments section.

Source: Facebook

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