This Filipino Diver Captures Underwater Footage of Terrifying 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake

They were snorkelling at that time the earthquake hit.

A series of quakes shook the Philippines in the past months, leaving many citizens worried and terrified. The Philippines lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire, which causes the country to have frequent seismic and volcanic activity. Much larger numbers of earthquakes of smaller magnitude occur very regularly due to the meeting of major tectonic plates in the region.

The latest earthquake was that of the 5.6-magnitude quake in Mabini, Batangas, followed by another magnitude 6 quake that shook the same area. A Filipino diver was snorkelling when the terrifying quake shook Batangas, and was able to capture underwater footage during that time.

Jan Paul Rodriguez posted the video on Facebook for other users to be aware of what happens underwater during an earthquake. In the video, the seabed can be seen shaking, with sand from below slowly rising and mixing in with the blue-green waters. A muffled noise seemed to get louder and louder as the ground shook. It was a scary footage indeed.

Though many locals were scared of a possible tsunami, Phivolcs didn’t release a statement or warning against tsunamis.

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