Female OFW Sexually Abused and Harassed By Arab Employer Captures His Acts on Camera

Tulfo News has posted a video on their Facebook page which was submitted by an OFW working under Arab employers. Apparently, the woman was being sexually harassed and abused by her Arab employers ever since she started working there. This was the only time she was able to capture his acts against her.

She could be seen washing the dishes when her employer suddenly entered the room and started talking to her. After a few moments, the man approaches her touches her on the shoulder and grabs her waist. She moves away and tells him ‘no’. However, the man continued to harass her while she was working.

This is what some of many OFWs have to go through when working with bad employers. This is what some women have to go through just to make money for their families. We are all hoping that the woman will get help from the Philippine embassy in their area and rescued to return home to the Philippines.


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