Elderly Siblings Abandoned by Their Family Receives Outpour of Help from Netizens and Locals

Their own family abandoned them, forcing them to practically beg for their food.

Each and every one of us look forward to being with friends and family when the holiday season comes. Most families celebrate Christmas and New Year together, enjoying feasts prepared together. But for some unfortunate people, getting to eat a single meal on Christmas would be a luxury.

In order to help these unfortunate people, police from Panay, Capiz in the Philippines gave out food to them. It was when they reached Brgy. Bacagay that they got to meet elderly Berrey siblings. Police officer Maenel Loyola Torreblanca took photos of the said siblings, which went viral on Facebook.

According to locals, they were abandoned by their own family, and was forced to feed themselves in any way they can. When the Panay police force offered them food, they didn’t hesitate and immediately took the food. Apparently, they haven’t eaten for days.

Editha Berrey, the old woman in the photos, also needed to undergo a surgical operation. Saddened by the siblings’ condition, the Panay Municipal Police Station (MPS) decided to help the siblings in any way they can. Asking for help from locals and netizens, the MPS were able to collect enough money to help the old woman get admitted for surgery.

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