Disabled Father Surprises Daughter on Her Graduation by Walking With Her towards the Stage

Rosany claims her father often complained about the pains of using his hands when walking. This prompted her to study hard and get a degree as soon as possible, so that she can buy her father an electric wheelchair.

Apparently, Alexandre lost his ability to walk at the early age of 15. He is suffering from an unknown condition that has affected his spinal cord. Despite his disability, he found his soulmate and had 11 children with her. Unfortunately, only three remained alive—including Rosany.

During her graduation, her father surprised her and walked with her down the aisle towards the stage. Rosany was in tears as people applauded the family. People were proud of Rosany for studying hard for her parents, and applauded her parents’ support for her. Her graduation meant so much to her parents as she was the only one who finished college in their family.


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