Disabled Father Surprises Daughter on Her Graduation by Walking With Her towards the Stage

Her father couldn’t walk since he was 15 years old, but her graduation meant so much to him.

For every parent, witnessing their children study hard and graduate is probably the most rewarding experience, especially for hard-working ones. 79-year-old Alexandre Jose da Silva from Brazil, couldn’t be any prouder when her daughter, Rosany Caetano, finally finished her studies in college.

Though her parents couldn’t afford her costly education, the 30-year-oldthey stood by her throughout her life, and always served as an inspiration for studying harder.

“It was a wonderful experience to have my parents with me at my graduation ceremony. It was very emotional because I’ve dreamed about making them so proud of me for so long. They have been my inspiration throughout my five years of studying.

“They instilled in me a determination to succeed and a fighting spirit that refuses to give up.”


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