Dad Blinded by Diabetes was Left with His Two Children by His Wife Who Abandoned Him

Due to his disability, the trio was forced to beg for money and food.

It is true that in our society today, it is hard to find a love that lasts—even after marriage. Despite exchanging vows of staying together through sickness and health, some people violate these sacred event in their lives and leave when things get rough. Take Reynaldo Cebuco for example.

Reynaldo Cebuco of Purok 7, Poblacion Sulop in Davao del Sur became blind due to diabetes. His disability prevented him from working normally for his family, which prompted his wife to leave him and their two children. In order to survive, the trio would walk around the streets of Davao, begging for food and money.

His children, an 11-year-old son and an 8-year-old girl, were both grade three students at Sulop elementary school. They are behind in their grades, especially when they have to work with their father as well.

Facebook page ‘Matalinong Matsing’ shared Reynaldo’s story on Facebook. Netizens expressed sympathy for the father and his children, while many netizens were enraged towards the woman who left them.

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