Couple Jump to Their Deaths from the 9th Floor of a New York Building Due to Financial Problems

They left a letter for family and friends asking them to take care of their two children.

We all have money problems. Let’s face it, in our society today, the rich often get richer, and the poor get poorer. Financial stress over big debts can cause anxiety and depression, raise blood pressure, or lead to insomnia or substance abuse.

For years, studies have shown people in debt have higher rates of mental health problems like depression and anxiety than those who are debt-free. This New York couple couldn’t handle the stress brought about by their debts that they decided to take their own lives instead.

53-year-old Chiropractor Glenn Scarpelli and his wife 50-year-old Patricia took their own lives by jumping from the 9th floor of a 17-storey building in New York. Each of them had letters in their pockets, addressed to their families and friends asking them to take care of their children.

They jumped from a window of the ninth-floor office around 5:45am, dying as they fell on the hard asphalt of East 33rd Street, near Madison Avenue. According to neighbors, they noticed the couple throwing things from their office window days before the suicide.

They also moved to their office from their home after packing their bags and all of their things. Police conclude that they put a lot of thought into it before taking their lives.


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