China Vows to Assist and Provide Fish for Filipino Fishermen in Palawan

A Chinese official vowed to help Filipino fishermen following their visit to the Philippines.

China vowed to provide assistance to Filipino fishermen in near future. In a dialogue at the regional office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Liu Shin Chong, Fisheries of China assistant director, promised to provide modern technology, equipment and facilities to fishermen to give them an alternative source of income.

Liu said Chinese President Xi Jin Ping had instructed China’s agriculture officials to immediately go to the Philippines to see what could be done to help Filipino fishermen. Soon after the visit, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing is committed to contribute to the livelihood of the Filipino people.

“In order to help Philippine fishermen increase production and improve their livelihood in the near future, China will provide 100,000 young Lapu-Lapu fish to fishermen of Palawan region,” Wang told reporters in Manila.

But Leonardo Cuaresma, chairman of the Federation of Fisherfolks in Masinloc, said the offer of the Chinese official was another way of bullying Filipinos.

“It’s like we’re given candy so that we will not complain that they took the Scarborough from us,” he said.

He said a Chinese ship still blocked the entrance to the lagoon and that fishermen were limited to fishing just around the shoal.

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