CCTV Footage Shows How Thai Policeman Handles a Desperate Man Armed With a Knife

He calmly talked to the man and gave him a big hug after.

A man wielding a large knife in Huay Kwang police station in Bangkok, Thailand, was saved and given a big hug by one of the police officers to calm him down.

Apparently, the 45-year-old man suddenly barged into the Huay Kwang police station, with a large knife in hand. The man appeared to be extremely anxious and had violent tendencies. Officer Anirut Malee immediately talked to the man and tried to calm him down. Anirut simply sits down very calmly opposite him with relaxed, slumped shoulders and very non-confrontational body language while talking to the man, trying to make him give the knife up.

The man soon calmed down and decided to hand over the knife. When he does, the policeman throws the knife away and approaches the assailant – arms outstretched and embraces the man with a giant hug.


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