This Call Center Scandal Will Make Your Blood Boil Especially If You’re A Filipino

Having a customer service job is both very stressful and rewarding at the same time. Rewarding in a sense that the salary is adequate to provide decent meal in your family’s table and afford different kinds of leisure every now and then.

However, just like any other job, being a call center agent also causes stress as they encounter numerous irate and frustrated clients almost every day. These agents actually receive a very high hazard pay, because aside from the health risk of staying awake and working at night, the job also involves great psychological impact.

For someone who has experienced working in a call center industry before, I could 100% say that this job is for someone who has both high EQ and IQ. Contrary to the stereotype that being a call center agent is a “dead-end” kind of job, this kind of work actually requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and customer service skills that not anyone are born with.


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