Angel Locsin showed off her hidden talent and the netizens literally lost their minds! You’ve got to see this!

Angel Locsin is one of the most beloved actresses of her time. No matter what she does, she does with grace and poise. Angel can do it all – she can pull off action scenes like a pro, she has a heart of gold, she is willing to risk her life just to help people in need, and she is incredibly down-to-earth.

However, did you know that Angel Locsin has a hidden talent that only a few people can pull off? What is it? We already know how good she is at acting. In fact, she is even considered by the great Celia Rodriguez herself as “the best Darna, bar none.”

What could Angel possibly be hiding up her sleeves? Is Angel secretly a superheroine? Is she a secret agent? Is she a mutant whose ability is to remain beautiful no matter what?


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