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Fathers take care and provide for the entire family alongside his wife.

Most dads do everything they can in order to keep their family happy and satisfied.

One man, however, was unable to appreciate see his father’s efforts and decided to kill him instead. The reason behind this gruesome murder isn’t as simple as you would think it to be.

Sakdhin Duangphakhon, a 36-year-old man, bought meat for lunch and asked his father to cook it in their home at Burriam, Southern Thailand. The 65-year-old father, Ngor, took too long to cook the food which later angered his son.

While Ngor was cooking, Sakdhin decided to drink some liquor to pass the time. However, he suddenly felt too hungry and insisted on eating the food his father was cooking even though he wasn’t done yet.

Ngor hurriedly finished cooking the food and gave it to his hungry son. Sakdhin became furious as he realized that Ngor forgot to put in fish sauce, a crucial ingredient in every Thai dish.

Because of this, Sakdhin grabbed an empty bottle and hit his father on the head. He even slapped his own mother when she tried to intervene. The 66-year-old woman decided to get help but while she was away, her son grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Ngor to death.

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found Sakdhin covered in blood and resting on a hammock as if nothing happened.

The police arrested the man and made him kneel in front of his father’s lifeless body to ask for forgiveness.

Deputy Inspector Colonel Nitipat Kitichartchai said:

‘The father volunteered to cook the pork.

‘The son went to drink some liquor and then wanted to eat the food. But the dad said it was not finished and not cooked yet.

‘The son did not want to wait. Then he said he forgot the fish sauce and he became angry.’
He added:

‘It was reported to us that the son had used a knife to stab the father at the home.

‘I knew we would have to go to investigate the scene. It is a single storey house. The father was wearing a loin cloth without a shirt.

‘He had more than 10 stab wounds on his back, particularly across the left shoulder, and one the deeply penetrated the heart. The smell of blood stained the area.

‘I asked the wife how her husband died and she identified her son as the killer. He was found outside the house in a cradle (hammock) with a lot of blood on him but he was not injured.

‘He was detained while we investigated the home.’

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Source: Dailymail

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