These American Mercenaries are Paid Billions to Protect Merchant Ships from Somali Pirates

What we thought existed only in movies is actually happening in real life.

We’ve seen a lot of pirates in movies, and even got to love some of them, including Captain Jack Sparrow. We’ve seen more realistic pirate movies as well, such as Tom Hank’s Captain Phillips, which was a biographical survival thriller film. But what most of us don’t know is that real-life pirate wars are happening in our seas, and the ongoing war is no joke.

Apparently, there are highly organized Somali pirate gangs who have been roaming the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean in search of merchant ships to hijack for multi-million dollar ransoms. Because of this, may companies and private firms lose billions to pirates.

A video titled “Somali Pirates VS Ship’s Private Security Guards” was uploaded to social a few days ago and has reached millions of netizens across the globe. In the video, ‘hired private guards’ open fire at a Somali boat headed towards them, killing the people onboard.

The video sparked rage from many netizens, thinking this happened just a few days or weeks ago. But if you look at the original video’s description on YouTube, the incident actually happened 5 years ago. Still, many netizens claim that the guards’ actions were overboard. However, in another video by ABC News back in 2013 shed light on the actual war between these American mercenaries and Somali pirates—showing how dangerous these Somali pirates can get.

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