Abbie Tolentino Is Back On Social Media And Has Spoken On Nicca Pascual’s Video Scandal! MUST READ!

After being in the social media spotlight recently, Abbie Tolentino, the girl behind the two viral video scandals, is back on social media as her Facebook account is now active again.

Abbie recently posted a statement on Facebook regarding the netizens’ comments that she is now in the clear because another girl named Nicca Pascual’s scandal now circulating the internet.

The model stressed that people should stop judging the victims of leaked video scandals such as her and Nicca because they don’t know how it feels like to have your body feasted on.

Meanwhile, her supporters expressed their sympathy towards Abbie through comments and the hashtag #TeamStrong. Even her rumored partner in the video, Kent Enriquez, posted that he is on Abbie’s side.


Source: TNP, Facebook

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