5 REAL Pinoy Showbiz scandals that you didn’t knew about!

We all know for a fact that these days, more and more scandalous videos are being posted and shared online, it may sound unreal, but it is. In fact, this issue is pretty normal for those who are in the showbiz industry!

Below are the list of 5 CONFIRMED s3x scandals that shook everyone:

5. Criselda Volks
– Last October 2008, a video of her leaked online where she was spotted with her boyfriend. She then confirmed that it was her and her boyfriend in the 4-part series.

4. Ethel Booba and Alex Crisano
– She has always been considered as a scandalous figure. In 2005, a video of her went viral online where she was caught pleasuring herself. It was late on confirmed that it was her boyfriend who filmed it and the leak happened when he had his cellphone fixed in a shop at Greenhills.


3. Janelle Manahan and Ram Revilla
– Scandalous videos that featured Janelle Manahan and Ram Revilla surfaced online back in 2011. Manahan admitted that it was her and Revilla in the videos.

2. Chito Miranda and Neri Naig
– It was back oin 2013 when videos of them leaked online!

1. Hayden Kho Videos- Mariana Del Rio, Maricar Reyes and Katrina Halili
– A popular surgeon took the first spot as he shared scandalous videos with three showbiz personalities!

Source: TNP, PHR

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