This 24-year-old model was found dead after she was r*ped and killed with a huge rock!

Women have much to fear in these times. There are a lot of crimes that target them specifically. One morning it’s sexual harassment and the next day, it’s going to be physical harm. We urge people to be aware and keep safe because there are people who have no good intentions lurking around the country.

We have heard of multiple perverted acts, then there was a massacre that killed mostly women, and now another one has appeared in Cebu. Even with President Duterte’s promise of eradicating these crimes, the sheer number of them makes you feel very unsafe outside.

Superbalita Cebu reported news that another woman has been murdered. The woman looked to be about 15-17 years old and she was brutally killed. The police say that her face is unrecognizable from being bashed in with a rock that was found beside her head. This rock was found along with a beer bottle.


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