10-year-old girl was abused multiple times by her own grandfather and uncles!

A 10-year-old girl in Cebu City has reportedly been r@ped by her own grandfather and two  uncle multiple times!

The young girl who was hidden from the name Maria was sexually abused since she was 7! When she’s asked about how many times she’s been abused, she said that she already forgot how many times.

“Nakalimot naman ko kay pul-pulihan raman ko nila, [I already forgot because they would just take turns],”

As of now, her grandfather and uncles are detained and serving time in Mandaue City Jail, not because of her case but because of a robbery case.

John, not his real name, allegedly asked Maria to do an oral on him which she refused and escaped by running away.

However, John managed to force himself on her last May 8. She was preparing to sleep when John entered the room and turned the lights off.

He threatened to kill her of she’d confess everything to her parents.

“Nahadlok man ko niya. [I got scared of him],”

After they found out about this, her father who works as a garbage collector just want the suspects to be hanged for what they’ve done.

“Maayo na silang bitayon [They all deserve to be hanged],” Her father said

Maria’s aunt was then horrified upon learning her situation.

“Mao gano nga nigaan-gaan mi nga nangapriso natong mga yawa, naa man sad diay nipuli. [We thought that out burden was lessened when the two evils were imprisoned but john took their place,”

The Mabolo police will now file a case against John after MAria’s affidavit was signed. The case will also include her grandfather and the other uncle.
Source: TNP, PHR

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